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Austin Young is from Reno, Nevada and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. The foundation of his career is from studying at Parsons in Paris. Early in his career, Austin transferred his interests from traditional portrait painting towards a long celebrated career in portrait photography. In many ways, Austin is more accurately described as an image-maker: his projects illustrate the sublime qualities of character that make celebrated people unique. Based on a nuanced visual language of pop-culture iconography, his trademark style and techniques have captured a broad pallate of musicians, artists and celebrities including Debbie Harry, Leigh Bowery and Margaret Cho, among others. In multiple bodies of work, Austin confuses personality and identity issues in confrontational and unapologetic image making about people who often split gender roles, stereotypical constraints and socially-constructed identities. Currently, Austin is self-producing a feature film crowd-sourced musical titled “TBD,” a musical play and film project that is co-created by everyone who participates. Austin is also a co-founder of Fallen Fruit, a contemporary art collective that uses fruit as a material for projects that investigate the hyper-synergistic qualities of collaboration. Austin Young creates works of art that are transgressive about subjective qualities and emboldens prescribed meaning with an acute focus on honesty and narrative representations of the real.

Austin Young
Vive y trabaja en los A?ngeles. La base de su carrera se construyo? estudiando en Parsons en Paris.
Al principio de su carrera, Austin transfirio? sus intereses de la pintura tradicional de retratos a una larga y ce?lebre carrera en fotografi?a; retratos especialmente.
Austin se describe con ma?s precisio?n como un creador de ima?genes; sus proyectos ilustran las cualidades sublimes del cara?cter que hacen a las personas populares u?nicas.
Basado en un lenguaje visual de la cultura pop iconogra?fica, su estilo de marca y sus te?cnicas han capturado a una amplia paleta de mu?sicos, artistas, y celebridades que incluyen a Debbie Harry, Leigh Bowery y Margaret Cho, por mencionar algunos.
En mu?ltiples cuerpos de trabajo, Austin confunde personalidad y problemas de identidad en la imagen de confrontacio?n y va sobre las personas que a menudo dividen el ge?nero de roles, restricciones estereotipadas e identidades socialmente construidas.
Actualmente, Austin es auto-productor de un largometraje musical titulado TBD, una obra de teatro y proyecto cinematogra?fico que es co- creado por todos los participantes.
Austin, es tambie?n co-creador de Fallen Fruit, un colectivo de arte contempora?neo que utiliza la fruta como material de proyectos para investigar las cualidades hi?per-sine?rgicas de colaboracio?n.
Las obras de arte creadas por Austin son transgresoras sobre las cualidades subjetivas y los significados prescritos con un enfoque agudo en la honestidad y representaciones narrativas de lo real.
Su obra y proyectos han sido presentados en lugres como: Honor Fraser Gallery, Another Year en Los A?ngeles., Exposiciones contempora?neas, Festival de cine Frameline, MIX NYC, Out Magazine, etc.

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His photographs have been featured in major publications such as Interview magazine, OK, and Flaunt and have been in solo exhibitions and projects at LACMA (Los Angeles, CA), Machine Project (Los Angeles, CA), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, CA), Berkeley Art Museum (Berkley, California); and as well as groups shows at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Los Angeles, CA) and Stephen Cohen Gallery (Los Angeles, CA).
They have shown at festivals including Frameline, MIX, In addition to photography and filmmaking, Young is co-founder of Fallen Fruit, an art collective who use fruit as a common denominator to change the way you think about the world. Fallen Fruit has had major exhibitions at Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Hammer Museum; Salt Lake Art Center (Salt Lake City, Utah), Machine Project, Matadero (Madrid, Spain); LACE (Los Angeles) and ARS Electronic (Austria). Fallen Fruit is a Creative Capital grantee for 2013 and just completed LA Counties first Public Fruit Park in Del Aire with a grant from the LA County Art's Commision.