A portrait is a representation of an individual; it’s intent: to capture the essence of the sitter. This fundamental quality in Austin Young’s work is delicately crafted. Young's pastel color palate and compositional simplicity foregrounds and imbues subject with an emotional presence and intimacy.

Rick Genest

Rose Byrne

Jackie Beat

Nick Hawk

Ross Mathews

Joe Dellasandro

Olivia Wilde

Adam Overton

Margaret Cho

Lenora Claire

Amy Poehler

Oliver Stone

Shawn Morales

Brandi Lynn Glanville

Ziyi Zhang

Simon Cowell

Tori Spelling

Judy Greer

Emily Rios

Nina Hagen

Jimmy Scott

Sandra Bernhard

Diamanda Galas

Missi Pyle

Siouxsie Sioux

Vince Clark