YOUR FACE HERE- By Austin Young
Curated by Lenora Claire

YOUR FACE HERE was a solo exhibition by artist Austin Young that challenged the normative conditions in which portraits are produced and exhibited. Young is a celebrated portrait photographer and artist, whose works blurs the lines, and transcends the distinctions, between fashion, portraiture, and gender. For this exhibition Young opened his lens onto the public.

Young established his art studio for a 5 week residency at Pop tART Gallery. The artist was present during gallery hours for portrait sittings, which eventually filled the walls of the gallery. The public became the subject of the exhibition through the purchase of the pop cultural real estate of the gallery walls. Participation extended beyond simply sitting for a portrait - it was a collaborative process where the participants determined the portrait's size and placement. Young will transformed each participant into an art celebrity and Facebook profile pic.

HUFFINGTON POST- Austin Young’s ‘Your Face Here’: An Artist’s Encounter With Vanity, Celebrity, & Nudity - Carrie Yury
"a heady, vain, communal celebration of glamorous fabulousness that it left me wanting more." - Carrie Yury

"I’m pretty unabashed in my enthusiasm for Austin Young’s work. I think he’s the most original photographer to emerge in America since David LaChapelle." - Richard Metzger, Dangerous Minds

Behind the Tart, Episode 2
Austin Young shares the idea for the show with curator, Lenora Claire:

Behind the Tart, Episode 5
The opening of the 'YOUR FACE HERE' at Pop tArt Gallery:

Behind the Tart, Episode 8

KILLSONIC played at the opening

Sophie Simmons

Margaret Cho

Cole Whittle and James St. James

Wendy Ho

The final portraits of participants filled the gallery walls.